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The Councils Founding President Helmut Burkhardt has passed away in 2018. We are in the process to collect activities he and as other founding members of CGI have been involved since the 90ies. Instead of an Eulogy and as a base for a WIKIPEDIA page in memory of Helmut this page will be maintained for some time to provide direct access to central „jump-page“ to projects Helmut has been involved with.

Let us mention: Good Global Governance - For a Just and Sustainable World, The Global Issues Project, World Order Conferences, e.g. …. (work-in-progress)

This is the old CGI page - for the records – preserved for some time in honour of our late presidents and honorary presidents Helmut Burhardt and Anatol Rapoport.

STATUS 2012:

Welcome to the Home page of the Council on Global Issues, an Internet based, not for profit think tank for a sustainable civilization. The main purpose of the group is identifying crucial global problems, their root causes, feasible solutions, and ways to implement desirable futures.

You are invited to join the Council on Global Issues (CGI) in the exploration of the current world problems. CGI would like you to participate in discussions, in writing papers, and in other activities applying systems sciences and holistic methodologies on global issues. -- Systems science is based on integral thinking, and includes the properties of complex wholes, which are different from the sum of the parts.

By contrast, traditional science is dominated by analytical thinking, which is usually focussed on understanding the simpler parts. You will be welcomed into working groups on topics such as the role of: "Universal Values", "Global Governance", "Science and Technology", "Religion and Spirituality", "Political Economy", "Education and the Media", and others.


Governance for a Peaceful World: Security for All – But How and at What Price? lecture slides

(Helmut Burkhardt) Check: PUGWASH_MANIFESTO Einstein-Russel Thinker’s Lodge in Pugwash, Nova Scotia http://www.pugwash.org/about/manifesto.htm see the "place of inspiration and reflection, Thinkers' Lodge remains a beacon for world peace."

Global Youth Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (GYC-2010 / EarthFocus Foundation) issued 7 recommendations for the UNFCCC COP-16 in Cancun and looked further into UN CSD-20, 20 years after the Earth Summit in 1992. In this presentation and workshops (see jump-page with slides) outcomes from the COP15 and the Wasan Roundtables below have been presented.

ONTARIO PEACE DAYUnited Nations Association in Canada – Toronto Region Branch, March 22, 2010

UNFCCC COP-15 Copenhagen, roundtable at the Survival Academy, Dec 2009, also featuring the recommendations below:

Wasan Action Framework, FOOD AND POPULATION ROUNDTABLE - Science for Peace and Canadian Pugwash, Global Issues Project, Global Sustainability Education Concepts, Nov. 20 - 21, 2009

see also the 2007 WASAN ACTION FRAMEWORK on CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENERGY, Interdisciplinary Round Table on Climate Change and Energy Strategies (CCERT)
September 14/15, 2007 Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada
website: http://ccert.info


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