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Cognitive Panorama Map

See also: SuperSigns & “New Renaissance” (PDF)

The question of ONTOLOGY, what “is” and how can we communicate “it”? Is reality in physical space only? And how can we structure and communicate positions, perspectives, frames, identities and values?

Some believe the network-web topology is THE “solution”. I believe we need extra spaces and other sign-systems and their intergration.

But how to get started? Linear? Visual? Circular? Embodied? Is there one “topology” or ““flat or deep cosmologies”” appropriate and the “only” or “right” way to present? I believe not !

I recommend at this point to start with the “Wheel” (circular displays and and look into “Signs and Superstructures”. Ways to bring together different sign systems and other levels present, on different levels, coniser it as supporting infrastructures and “birds-eye” overview orientation structures. See slide 42 and more here.

See also: Extra Challenge - Extra Dimension of the Problematique (interviews) and more recent about its “governance” (2015) ! (conference website) and a view on new forms, formats, covenants, and Commons.

CHECK: PNW-ALF profile - Future Worlds Centerprofile - YL Media/Personal Profile:  Youth Leader receives the Images & Voices of Hope Award 2012 !

Papers also at  ACADEMIA   and/or    PARTICIPEDIA

My field is not only about nets and nodes, sectors, circles as above, or the interest groups , like SIGs and GIGs behind such “turfs”, it is more about “Spaces” and the areas “in-between” for in-betweeners and others. (I call them Quergeister elsewhere, please goto: http://www.quergeist.net/) and weturn and mindprint.

The page www.ourfields.org has been just created to show that there are views that connect and that there are people and concepts which care for the bigger picture and the right to have also overview and orientation.

I see my concerns in the fields of education, policy, orientation, maps and models, international, peace,… when I ask 123people to check the tag-clouds gravitating around by names and sites, this is the result when focusing more on dialog, national or international sites: (frequency reflects the font-size)


I AM FULLY AWARE that the width, depth, hight detail and glocal scope is incoprehensible and aliniating, requiring to find exemplatory concrete details – but in the shared common frames as proposed. If interested I invite you to see the breadth of my work, even adding broader scope and approaches ! with the eyes and articles of Anthony Judge in Brussels who knows me now maybe 20 years and has mentioned – according to GOOGLE between 2008 and 2010 also 20 times. So please check extracts where my work is cited and put into perspective. (PDF 4 pages).

Coming back to my concerns or where can help to contribute to “What really” matters or how we can make some further camps on the way towards reaching mount shared awareness…

From these few words you can take that I use a very metaphoric, embodied and concrete language, my only chance as I am one of the OTHERS not speaking proper and “out of the box”.

My subject-areas are beyond certain linear and 0-dimensional subject headings and meanings. I also work on navigating and negotiating shared cognitive spaces so that the areas can overlap and connect –and we can discuss, see differences and drivers across scales. See “Cognitive Panorama” and “Dialog and Decisions Culture” or “Culture for Peace”.

The Chinese say a picture has 10 000 words, we “Westerners” consider a picture only representing 1000 words, so there seems to be a difference of factor 10 !

I go beyond words or images, as maps and models are super-signs, and there is a participative collective quality involved when people go beyond and bridge, in-between symbols, icons and indexes (even super-signs) and negotiate the known and unknowns, reaching “other places” towards mount awareness by checking out unity in diversity.

I feel I work presently on participation, mediation, and governance, and feel the need for another Culture “in general”. Maybe follow some of my more “central” “categories”:

New are these pages: http://21stcenturyagora.org and STAMMTISCH & GOVERNANCE 2.0 (pdf)

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STATISTICS glimpse (early 2009): For easy access of my TOP 10 pages and ongoing changes (WINNERS and LOOSER) and new Pages and Changing “use” I sometimes store such an Analysis. Enjoy and maybe use it ! Please also this TOP 20 from mid 2009. You see the focus is volative, floating with the focus and ongoing activities or campaigns.

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Please note also: this is not the typical portal presenting a person, organisation, enterprise,… it is a very personal collection of ways and means to get to the private, voluntary, and unpaid work of Heiner Benking. The page was created to help myself documents in my “Universe” and ease access for “others” looking into my work as in-betweener or trying to get how the other” table, house, map might look like, or to find documents with bad “rank” in the Google-Universe…


(the objective is 1) not to get lost and gain orientation (with hypercognition) in a complex word 2) share meaning and find issues and subjects, and 3) to be able to negotiate and come to meaningful actions with the help of superstructures and new forms like pattern languages, a combination of sign systems, and a new dialogue and decision culture). If you want to jump-start directly to something more “deep” maybe visit: http://9-d.org and http://deepworlds.org

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