Studies show that the world's population has exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth's ecosystems. Humankind itself, through increasing population, consumerism, and use of inappropriate technology is creating a great hazard to future generations. Human actions continue to degrade the conditions for life on earth, which in turn is the cause of continued social unrest. Time and resources are running out for preventing a catastrophic collapse of the life-supporting ecosystem of our planet.

Today, short-term gains for nations, and for trans-national corporations are given preference over the long-term benefits from a sustainable global commons. Clearly more comprehensive knowledge and strategies are needed to address the complex global problems and the relationship between them. CGI's application of the science of complex systems provides us with opportunities to find balanced solutions.

The Council's mission is to promote the development and implementation of policy options that are based on a systemic world-view, and transcend partial interests.

Humankind can still become a just, ecologically sustainable, and economically viable society. Global governance will implement fair global trade agreements. National governments and trans-national business institutions will recognise that 'business as usual' is no longer an option. Governments will acquire a greater understanding of the global complexity, and trade some sovereignty for global harmony, and security. The educational system, the media, and the Internet will convince humanity to procreate moderately, consume modestly, and apply technology wisely.

The declaration of 1999 Evolution of World Order conference suggested the following priorities:

- Recognize the primacy of the global ecosystem
- Promote sustainable population levels
- Resolve conflicts by peaceful means
- Create a fair economic community world-wide
- Prevent further loss of biodiversity
- Protect and restore arable land and forests
- Reduce energy and resources used per capita in affluent nations
- Account for environmental costs in economic analyses
- Educate all on issues of peace, justice and sustainability
- Include these priorities in personal development, education at all levels, and in media productions

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