The Council on Global Issues is focussed on the application of systems and complexity sciences to the better management of dilemmas facing humanity. It is a Canadian Internet based, (on-line, virtual) not-for-profit organization with individual and organizational members. Founded in 1999, CGI is financed by membership fees, sponsorships, research grants, and consulting fees.

CGI contributes to the conscious evolution of humankind towards a just society in a sustainable ecosystem.
CGI promotes development of democracy and political effectiveness through application of systems principles.

CGI emerged from a series of biennial interdisciplinary conferences initiated by the Canadian Division of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. These were held at Ryerson University in Toronto since 1987 with the support of Science for Peace and many other organizations. The 1999 meeting was entitled: Interdisciplinary Conference on the Evolution of World Order – Global and Local Responsibilities for a Just and Sustainable Civilization. Conference website: www.ryerson.ca/~woc

- CGI co-operates with, and offers to co-ordinate all groups seeking to create and restore justice and sustainability.
- CGI offers education and training in systemic thinking to organizations and individuals.
- CGI engages in harnessing new knowledge and technologies, in achieving its goals.
- CGI disseminates recommendations for action to governments and to leading organizations and individuals.

Anatol Rapoport, Emeritus, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Toronto
Hanna Newcombe, President Peace Research Institute, Dundas, Ontario
Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International, Japan

Helmut Burkhardt (President) helmut.burkhardt@bell.net

Heiner Benking (Secretary) heiner@benking.de

Don Chisholm (Treasurer) donchism@kos.net

Julia Morton-Marr (Vice President Education) ihtec@3web.com

Rose Dyson (Vice President Media Relations) rdyson@oise.utoronto.ca

Who we are and history

List of Crucial global issues and solutions